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Asemota Academy

Get ready to unlock your full potential and thrive in your God-given purpose with our amazing courses and live events! Join us now and discover the path to your ultimate success!

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Self-Care Plan 

The Self-Care Workbook is to help women create a plan to improve their mental health. The easy-to-follow workbook focuses on setting goals for your mind, body, soul, and most importantly your relationship with God. The Self-Care Workbook also includes scriptures from the Teatime Bible Studies, which focuses on being a wise woman, kindness, and spiritual warfare. Please download the pdf copy of the Self-Care Workbook and start your journey to discovering God’s purpose for your life.


Healing and Forgiveness: A Journey to Emotional Freedom

This course is designed to guide participants through the process of healing from emotional wounds and embracing forgiveness. It will provide practical steps, biblical teachings, and therapeutic techniques to help individuals achieve emotional freedom and live a purpose-driven life.

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Empowered Living: Developing a Purpose-Driven Life

This course aims to help participants discover their God-given purpose and develop the skills and mindset needed to live a fulfilling, purpose-driven life. It combines biblical teachings with practical advice on goal setting, personal development, and overcoming life’s challenges.


Strengthening Faith: A Deeper Walk with God

This course is designed to help participants deepen their relationship with God, strengthen their faith, and live out their Christian beliefs in everyday life. It combines biblical teachings with practical applications to foster spiritual growth and a closer walk with God.

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